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China, Russia warships spotted near Alaskan island amid tensions with US

The U.S. Coast Guard is closely watching a new naval presence seen near Alaska. The group of warships belong to China and Russia. A U.S. Coast Guard ship was on a routine patrol in the Bering Sea when it came across a guided missile cruiser from China. Behind it was two other Chinese naval ships […]

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Nearly every Alaskan just got $3,200 as part of state’s oil-wealth fund

Nearly every single Alaskan received $3,284 on Tuesday as part of a combined payout as the state began distributing oil-wealth checks from its permanent investment fund. The amount was announced during a livestream broadcast on Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s Facebook page. Officially called the Permanent Fund Dividend, or PFD, the payments amounted to $2,622 — the […]

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Taiwan shoots drone, Alaska special election, New York gun laws take effect

On Sept. 1, 2022, Taiwan shot down a drone hovering over one of its islands, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin lost a special election, and new gun laws take effect in New York. Taiwan shoots down drone – For the first time, Taiwan’s military shot down an unidentified civilian drone that entered its airspace. It […]

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Sarah Palin’s run for Alaska’s House seat: Is Trump’s backing enough?

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) secured a spot in her state’s ranked-choice general election. Palin is running to become the state’s lone US congressional representative in the House. She’s one of four candidates looking to occupy the seat previously held by longtime Rep. Don Young (R) who passed away in March.  Palin, the 2008 […]

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Alaska wildfires get worse, may be the new normal due to warming trends

Wildfires that have been plaguing Alaska for weeks appeared to be getting worse over the last couple days. According to KTUU, who cited the Bureau of Land Management’s Alaska Fire Service, 10 new fires started Wednesday. On Thursday, the Alaska Multi-Agency Coordination (MAC) Group raised its Preparedness Level from 4 to 5. “Preparedness Level 5 […]

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NEW VIDEO: Powerful earthquake in Alaska leads to tsunami warnings, evacuations

An 8.2 magnitude earthquake hit off Alaska’s southern coast Wednesday night prompting tsunami warnings and forcing residents to evacuate. The video above shows some of those evacuations, as sirens blared. Warnings covered a nearly 1,000-mile stretch from Prince William Sound to Samalga Island, Alaska, near the end of the Aleutian Islands. They weren’t canceled until […]

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Nevadans advance nonpartisan primary measure, face another vote in 2024

In the 2022 midterm election, Nevadans voted to implement nonpartisan primaries and ranked choice voting in their state and congressional elections. 15 states and Washington D.C. use closed, or partially closed, primaries for congressional and state elections. In closed primaries, you need to be a registered Republican or Democrat to vote for either party’s nominee. […]

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Hobbs wins; Trump ’24 announcement; world population to top 8B

Katie Hobbs is projected to win the state’s gubernatorial election; Donald Trump is expected to announce his bid to run for president in 2024; and the world population is expected to surpass 8 billion. These stories highlight the Daily Rundown for Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2022. Hobbs wins Arizona gubernatorial race: Arizona Secretary of State Katie […]

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Sacheen Littlefeather’s sisters claim she faked her Native American ancestry

The siblings of Sacheen Littlefeather are accusing the actress of faking her Native American ancestry. The late actress is known for famously taking the stage for Marlon Brando in 1973 to decline the Best Actor Oscar. In an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, Littlefeather’s sisters Rosalind Cruz and Trudy Orlandi said that their sister’s […]

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Russians risk lives to seek asylum in US, avoid fighting in Putin’s war

Russian nationals are risking their lives to avoid fighting in the war against Ukraine. They are fleeing the country and seeking asylum in the U.S.  The dangerous journey across the Bearing Sea highlights the lengths to which some Russians are willing to take to dodge being called up to fight in Putin’s military. Two Russians […]

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