Straight Arrow News was founded by entrepreneur Joe Ricketts. Mr. Ricketts built the company that eventually became the online brokerage Ameritrade in 1975 and took it public in 1997. Since then, Ricketts has invested in a number of businesses and is now focused on building an unbiased news site. Though a conservative himself, Joe firmly believes in the need for an unbiased news source that appeals to all Americans while respecting viewers’ time and intelligence by avoiding repeats, fluff and microscopic updates. 

Straight Arrow News has hired journalists from both liberal and conservative outlets who have a combined 120 years of experience in the industry. The company’s newsroom leaders come from companies such as Fox News, CNN, USA Today, CNBC and The Blaze. They work together across ideological lines to focus on the facts and build a news brand that will bring people together. Straight Arrow News launched in June 2021 and continues to grow and evolve. Please join us as we cover the stories all Americans care about. 

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