Joey Kloepfer

Joey Kloepfer

Lead Audio Technician

Joey Kloepfer is the lead audio technician for the Straight Arrow News production team.

Growing up in the mountains in Colorado, Joey enjoyed playing in jazz and rock combo bands. He also learned how to make music on his own computer, leading to his fascination with all technology related to sound and music technology. He obtained a spot on the Gold Director’s list at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, Arizona at age 21, where he was introduced to the world of broadcast audio.

Joey’s experience has taken him all over the country, producing quality audio for live sports productions. In 2019, he started his own small business recording sound for various commercial and independent film projects.

Outside of work, Joey likes to make music and experiment with synthesizers, music software, samplers and other types of music equipment. He also builds some of his own music equipment from scratch.

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