Sean Walkup

Motion Design Lead

Sean is a motion graphics designer and video editor with 20+ years’ experience in broadcast television. His talents earned him seven Emmys, two national Promax Silver awards and a Promax Gold for best News Graphics Package in 2019. Sean’s career took him to Dallas and St. Louis where his dedicated focus was creating clear and entertaining visuals without editorial overtones. His most passionate work deals with social rights and energy issues.

Sean’s wife and two young children are the loves of his life. That along with the family dog (not-so-much the cats) fill his homelife. And if that wasn’t enough, Sean is frequently obsessed with restoring some old car that “deserves a second chance”. At the end of a long day saving the world from bad typography or rescuing mistreated vehicles you will find him relaxing with his family in front of a TV tuned to fantasy or sci-fi. Yeah, Sean’s a Trekkie.