Snorre Wik

Snorre Wik


Snorre Wik is a photographer and editor based in Washington, D.C. Snorre has been working as a photographer and editor since 1985 and has traveled the world, deeply immersed in the production of award winning news and documentaries.

Since moving to the U.S. from Norway, Snorre has worked for NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, Al Jazeera English and CGTN America. Snorre excels during challenging assignments in the field, but he also has the patience and meticulous attention to detail necessary to create intimate and powerful content with that special touch of magic that viewers crave.

Snorre grew up in Norway, close enough to the Oslo fjord to go sailing and close enough to hike the mountains. He loves the quiet of nature most of all and tries hard to get back there whenever possible.

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