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Straight Arrow Bias Meter™

It’s not enough for Straight Arrow News to promise to be unbiased. We want to prove it to you each day. To do so, we invite you to rate every one of our stories using our Straight Arrow Bias Meter™.

After watching the first 30 seconds of any piece of content, you’ll see the Straight Arrow Bias Meter™ appear next to the story.

Click on the Straight Arrow Bias Meter™ and let us know if we veered too far right, too far left, or if we hit it down the middle.

You can continue changing your vote through the end of the story.

We take the Straight Arrow Bias Meter™ and all your comments very seriously.   

Visit our Inside Look page, where our reporters and producers address how you rated our stories and how we’ll use your feedback in future stories.

Total User Rating

After you watch and rate any piece of content, you’ll have the opportunity to see how fellow Straight Arrow News viewers felt about that content.

Our Total User Rating meter averages every registered user’s vote to display a single measure of the community’s evaluations.

After you rate any content, you’ll also have access to viewer comments and be able to sort those comments by the way each viewer rated the content.