Big wins for Republicans in Florida

Larry Lindsey

Larry Lindsey

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Polls have now closed in Ohio and North Carolina, two states with very interesting Senate races and a number of close House races. Florida is an early count state. We can predict that Ron DeSantis will win the governor’s race and Marco Rubio the Senate race. Both are likely to have margins in the high single digits or low double digits. The early vote has been largely counted in Miami-Dade, long a Democrat stronghold in Florida. But it now appears that both DeSantis and Rubio will carry the county, pointing to a significant shift in Hispanic voting patterns toward the Republicans.

We are closely watching four House races where the polls closed at 7 p.m.: Indiana 1, Virginia 2, 7, and 10. They are interesting because they represent a strategy by Republicans to run a more diverse set of candidates. In Indiana, a Black woman and veteran is the Republican nominee against a White male. In Virginia, all three incumbent Democrats are White women. The Republicans are running one White woman, one Hispanic woman, and one Vietnamese-born man against them.


It’s 730 and polls have closed in Ohio and North Carolina, both with closely watched Senate races, as well as some interesting House races. It’ll take a while for us to get numbers in there. We can call the races for governor and for Senator in the state of Florida. For Senate, Marco Rubio has defeated Val Demings. And for Governor Ron DeSantis has defeated Charlie Crist. Right now it looks like the margins will either be in high single digits or low double digits in victory. We’re also closely watching Indiana’s first district, Virginia’s second seventh and 10th districts. The Virginia districts in fact the Indiana district as well, a very interesting. They reflect an effort by the Republicans to run a very diverse set of candidates. In Indiana, a African American woman is taking on a Democrat white male. In Virginia. All three Democrats seats are now held by white women. Republicans are running one white woman, one Hispanic woman, and one Vietnamese male against them. These will be very interesting races to see if the Republican strategy of running a more diverse set of candidates pays off. This is Larry Lindsey for straight arrow News.

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