Exit polls reveal 36% Republican turnout, 33% Democrat

Larry Lindsey

Larry Lindsey

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National exit polls indicate Republicans have an advantage in turnout with, 36% versus 33% for Democrats and 31% for independents. Republicans are consistently polling 40 percent or more of the Hispanic vote. The gender gap persists, with Democrats winning among women by seven points and Republicans winning among men by 16 points. On the issue of Democracy being threatened, 69% of voters agree that it is, but equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats feel that way, with each side pointing to the other party as the threat.

Polls have now closed in Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Texas. There are very interesting House races in the three New England states, where right now, there are no Republicans from all of New England. We’ll be watching those closely. Also the governor’s race and Michigan senate race in Pennsylvania, our particular attention. We also are getting national exit poll data. Right now, it looks like the turnout was 36%, Republican 33% Democrat 31% independent. If that trend holds, then the Republicans should have a pretty good night particularly in the House of Representatives. Republicans are exceeding 40% of the Hispanic vote in the states that have voted so far. That will be a new record for them and indicates about a seven or eight point swing from the last election among Hispanics toward the Republicans. There is a gender gap. Democrats lead Republicans among women by seven. Republicans lead Democrats among men by 16 points. One of the more interesting findings was about democracy being threatened.
The great majority of the country thinks democracy is being threatened. Trouble is, from President Biden’s point of view, is that both parties think democracy is being threatened with each one blaming the other for doing the threatening to democracy. This is Larry Lindsey for Straight Arrow News.

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