Donald Trump announced his third run for president on Nov. 15 despite pleas from some Republican advisors to wait until after Georgia’s Senate runoff is decided in early December. There’s speculation that Trump threw his hat in the ring early to take the focus off the poor showing his handpicked candidates had in the midterm elections. The other theory is that Trump announced early to discourage others from running against him. But as Straight Arrow News contributor Larry Lindsey argues, there’s one potential candidate from Florida whose star is shining brighter than Trump’s these days.

Most Republicans think that Trump did a credible job as president in terms of his policy outcomes. Except for COVID, there was record-setting prosperity. We had no foreign entanglements. Gas prices ended his term at $2.12. But then again, there’s a tendency to wish that he would fade off into the sunset as an elder statesman. 

Well, the midterm elections gelled that sentiment, because, well, the former president made mistake after mistake. First of all, he picked bad candidates, he endorsed bad candidates in Republican primaries, ones that were, you know, less likely to win than someone else. 

How do we know that? Well, the Democrats ended up spending money supporting – lots of money I might add – supporting the candidates in the Republican primary that Trump had endorsed. That’s hardly a sign that the Democrats think that they’re tough to beat. 

And then on Monday night, the night before the election, Trump reinserted himself as the topic of the news by teasing the announcement he ended up making a week later. This could only have hurt the Republicans, as the Democrats main issue was Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump. You look at all over, the former president does not have the support of office holders. He is way behind in the polls. 

Most Republicans are mad at him for putting himself first ahead of the party. I’ve said this before to this group. I’ll say it again. Donald Trump is not going to be the Republican nominee for president in 2024. 

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