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Inflation robs us of more than wage gains

Rising prices make it hard to get by when you live on a fixed budget. Even if you manage to raise your wages, inflation that increases at a faster pace than your salary means that you end up with less purchasing power. The negative aspects of inflation go even deeper than just squeezing the margin […]

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The Federal Reserve has too much power over the economy

Federal reserve officials exert too much influence over financial markets and economic outcomes. It’s time to confront the increasing dominance of our central bank.

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The Fed’s definition of stable prices is inflationary

Just because you’ve received a raise doesn’t mean your buying power is greater, and lately you may be feeling the financial squeeze more than ever. Monetary Economist and Straight Arrow News Contributor Judy Shelton says the government’s inflation policy has something to do with it.  She’s asking: Is the Federal Reserve Right On The Money™ […]

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